For post-doctoral and doctoral positions, announcements can be found here:
A good description of Halmstad's Embedded and Intelligent Systems masters program can be found here (current as of January 2013).  Masters and PhD studies for computing-related programs in Halmstad are in English.  Several Masters majors are taught in English.  The graduate level programs are called "second cycle" programs.  The program that is most relevant to our work is the Embedded and Intelligent Systems and the Information Technology programs.  Information about the next deadline can be found here.  Applications must be made at using an online form.  Students are also encouraged to apply to one of the scholarship programs.

There is an informative (even though somewhat old) brochure about studying in Halmstad and and at Halmstad University.  For exchange students, there are several programs (such as ERASMUS).  Exchange students can take graduate courses, and they can also take advance-year courses (third or fourth) from the Bachelors programs.  Descriptions of all undergraduate (Bachelors) programs, such as Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering, can be found online.