Friday, July 1, 2011

Post-doc on Parallel Hybrid Simulation

Position Reference Number: “IDE 10/11”

We are developing a novel modeling and simulation language called Acumen. The goal is to create a language that can significantly accelerate innovation in the design and production of cyber-physical systems. We are seeking a post-doctoral researcher interested in demonstrating the effectiveness of the language design in enabling parallel execution of simulation codes. The research leader and supervisor will be Professors Walid Taha and Veronica Gaspes.

The goal of this post-doctoral position is to develop and investigate several different back-ends for an Acumen compiler. This includes developing core-Acumen back ends that generate Habanero, LiME, X10, Cilk, and Timber code; developing hybrid (continuous/discrete) systems benchmarks to evaluate the language design on these platforms; and carrying out a series of systematic performance evaluation of the languages and of these target platforms. Both traditional and non-traditional hardware architectures may be investigated under the project. Ultimately, this work should yield clear insights about the aspects of Acumen design that are most effective at enabling the parallel execution of hybrid system simulations, possibly suggesting ways in which they can be improved.


The position is intended for someone with a recent PhD degree and that has experience with parallel computing as well as writing interpreters and/or compilers for small languages.

Desirable skills include expertise or an interest in learning: typed and higher-order functional programming, programming language semantics, the design and implementation of novel languages, modeling and simulation, program generation, performance analysis, and parallel computing, and programming Scala and Java.

Compensation and Term:

Salary is negotiable. After taxes, the salary is typically the rough equivalent of US $40K/year. The employment is time-limited to 18 months.

Application Procedure and Deadlines:

The application should comprise a single PDF file consisting of:

1) a cover letter stating the purpose of the application and a brief statement of why you believe that your goals are well-matched with the goals of this position,

2) a CV that includes at least

  • A list of previous degrees, dates, and institution
  • A list of publications and a description of previous research and other work experience
  • Links to online copies of the most important publications
  • A statement of purpose
  • Contact information for at least three references

The application should be sent as one PDF file attached to an email addressed to: The subject line of the email should be “Application to IDE 10/11”. Application must be received by 2011-08-31 to receive full consideration.

The expected starting date is 2011-10-15, or as soon as possible after this date. For more information, contact Professors Walid Taha or Veronica Gaspes, Dean Magnus Larsson or Inger Wieslander (SACO union representative). All can be reached through the switchboard +46 35 16 71 00 or by email:

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