Monday, February 25, 2013

A New Breed of Acumen Ping Pong Players

WiffWaff (by Adam Duracz and Yingfu Zeng) is the Acumen player that won the first tournament of 3D Ping Pong project as part of the Halmstad CPS course in 2012. Terminator (by Jonas Jonson and Alexey Taktarov) won second place in first tournament in 2013. But local rankings can be deceiving! Terminator is a new bread of players that is much more sophisticated than anything developed in 2012. 

The result is clear from this game, where WiffWaff is on the left (red), and Terminator is on the right (black). Note the small balls that show Terminators predictions about bounce position and bat impact position. When a player turns into a yellow cube, it means it ran out of energy. Terminator is the first player that is able to successful complete the 40 second game against itself, returning every ball, and within the energy budget.

Congratulations to the new Alexey and Jonas!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Preview of Acumen'13

A preview release of Acumen'12 is now available.  This release includes several experimental features, and improvements to the user interface.  More details to follow.